Welcome To Shrinathji

Shrinathji International lighting consultant was formed in the year 1995 by Subhash Kapadia who is the President of this company.

This company is mainly publishing Books on pushtimarg. The company is proud of receiving a Gold medal under the heading of pushtimarg publisher.

S.I.L.C comprises of very efficent people such as engineers, legal and marketing. Just to mention a few, like Bakul Patel, Jay Shah & Vaibhav Pawar. Infact we are the first & only publisher of a book which has broken the records of all pushtimarg publications. This book is known as Pushtimargya Panchamrut which is 8 kgs in weight.

All the credits of company’s achivements goes to Late Pujya “Hira maa”. She was a guiding force to the entire staff of the company and Guru-Ma of Subhash kapadia.


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    Pushtimargiya Panchamrut

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    Nitya Pathavli

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    Nitya Singar Book

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    Shrimad Bhagvatam

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    Shrinathji Pragatya Story

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    Tarot Vastu Book