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Pushtimargiya Panchamrut

Wonder of the World

Pushtimargiya Panchamrut comprises 365 Darshn of Shrinathji, details of Yamunaji, Vallbhacharyaji, Girirajji and Vraj-Bhumi.

We are pleased to inform that Pushti Margya Panchamrut is ready which is the effort of 5 consecutive years. The width is 290mm and height is 440mm printed on Glossy Art Paper of 170gsm. The weight of this book is approx 8 kg having 560 pages.
It is beautifully printed with colour photos of 5 Tatwas of Pushtimarg.

  1. Shrinathji: It contains 365 darshan of Lord shrinathji.
  2. Shri Mahaprabhuji: It contains 84 bethak photo of shri Mahaprabhuji and importance of bethak , detail of where it is located . Sat Swarup photos also given.
  3. Shri Yamunaji: It contains exclusive photos of shri yamunaji. yamunastakam and shri yamunaji photos is also given
  4. Shri Girirajji: It contains photos of importance place during girirajji parikrama.
  5. Shri Vraj bhumi: It contains photos of vrajbhumi and details about place.

Last but not the least its contents are in three languages namely English , Gujarati, and Hindi. Only few limited copies are printed for exclusiveness. The Nyochavar is Rs 15,000/- which is negligible , looking to at its performance.It is one of the wonder of the world for VAISHNAVS. Of course ;seeing is believing.
Have a glimpse of it and possess this wonder of the world before it is too late.


Nitya Pathavali

This book comprises daily Strotra in English and Gujarati to s like Mangla Charan, Yamunastakam, Shri Navratna, Madhurastkam, Yamuna Kavach and details photo of Pragatya place of Shri Vallabhacharya Champaran.

This is pocket size book and it contents photo of yamunastakam and strotra in English and Gujarati and other strotra of shri vallabhacharya and it contents photos of shri Mahaprabhuji pragatya place of Champaran.


84 Bethaks Pocket Size

Photos of 84 Bethaks of Shri Vallabhacharya. In India there are 84 Bethaks of Shri Mahaprabhuji. This book has colour photographs of 84 Bethaks & address viz where it is located.


Nitya Singar book

This book contains 365 shingar darshan with colour photo of Lord Shrinathji. It is in three langauges English,Hindi and Gujarati.

This book contents 365 singhar darshan of Lord Shrinathji. It also contents Thakorji singhar detail photo and name of singhar . Any vaishnav can learn from the same. singhar darshan photo starts from chaitra sukla ekam , which is a new year of vaishnav. details of shingar and bhavgeet is given on every page. All details are contents in three language English, Hindi and gujarati.


Shrimad Bhagvatam

This Bhagvat is of pocket size with colour photographs published first time in India.

In India our company is the first who made Bhagvat with gist of sloka and photo is given which describe detail meaning.It contents in three languages English ,Gujarati and Hindi. This gist will help us for new generation to learn about bhagvat.


Shrinathji Pragatya Story

This book contain Pragtya Varta of Lord Shrinathji and photo in three langauges in Gujarati, English & Hindi.

This book is very essential to know the story of shrinathji pragatya . It contents detail of how shrinathji came to nathdwara rajasthan . Detail about darshan of shrinathji. This story is given in English, Hindi and Gujarati.


Tarot Vastu Book

This book gives simple explanation of Vastu for our Flat, Plot, Office, and Bunglow with pictures.It also guides different Yantra to be kept for different purpose for Prosperty, Health & Wealth.