Tarot - F.A.Q

What is the role of the Tarot cards in occult Science?

The Tarot cards predicts the near future, throws light on the part and reveal the mysterious patterns of character and destiny.

What is the history of Tarot? And its origin?

There is no authenticity of when and from where Tarot originated. However the detailed analysis concludes that India is a distinct possibility of its origin. Few claim China as the origin and others are of the opinion that Italy and France could be. However Ancient Egypt is very often cited as the source of origin. In Egyption words TAR means road and RO means royal. So TARO is the royal Road to wisdom.

How old is the Tarot Science?

This Science attracted 600 years back.

Is it a criteria that Tarot reader should be psychic and spiritually inclined?

No! not necessary but once the Tarot reader sincerely practices then automatically the latent capacity will develop and shall achieve powerful results. It will be beyond one’s imagination.

What is the base of prediction in Tarot Cards?

It is very simple because when one shuffles the Tarot Cards and layout the cards in 3 piles and ultimately makes one pile then his or her sub conscious mind thoughts get imprinted. Their impressions are then read out by the Tarot reader to the seeker. One must have faith in Tarot cards and then the Cosmic Energy will play its own role.

What do you mean by Querent?

A Querent is a person who comes to as Tarot reader to get his future predicted. The right procedure would be by only reading the meaning of the pictures on the cards; and not by his intuition which could prove misleading because of either ignorance or omission. Thus it is called Tarot Reading, ofcourse after having read the contents then it can be elaborated in detail; without any deviation.

Is it true that Tarot Cards reader cannot buy his Tarot deck and should be gifted by someone else?

No! There is no such belief that one cannot buy Tarot Cards. On the contrary there would be maximum and optimum effectiveness when the Tarot reader buys a pack of Tarot Cards because it is rightly said that “Free has no meaning and value. If you are buying a deck of Tarot Cards then please see that manual possesses the detailed meaning of the Tarot Cards. The best choice would be the ones which have the meaning below the picture of the card.

Why sometimes the Tarot Cards seem to be unrelated to the Querent?

By no means it happens. One should think, reflect and meditate on what the cards are saying. Forming such a judgment is dangerous. One should allow himself to give a deep thought and then the right predictions will eventually turn-up.

Will the same Tarot Cards appear in the lay-out with other Tarot Card reader or on the next day with the same reader?

No, certainly it will be different but the other cards would have more or less the some meaning. In fact you set the course of your life. During the reading, your cards will have picture of how you’re a “life exists in that moment” and evolves your present patterns of belief. When you change those beliefs, the pattern changes and thus you have different cards. The Tarot cards are more than a magic because they track on what is going on in the mind of Querent through unconscious mind.

What is the meaning of Tarot spreads?

It is a lay-out of the cards after shuffling. There are various types of lay-out or spread but the Celtic Cross Spread is one of the most popular spreads and proven to be highly effective spread.

How to clear and cleanse the Tarot decks?

The Tarot decks should be cleansed from time to time. Through quartz crystals by placing on top of the Tarot deck. However the Crystals used for this purpose should be cleansed occasionally in a mixture of sea-salt water.

Is there any ritual before doing the Tarot reading?

The Tarot deck contains seventy eight cards. There are twenty-two cards known as Major Arcana and fifty –six as Minor Arcana. However some Tarot Desks have less then seventy eight cards.

What do you mean by Arcana?

The word Arcana means “Secret” or “mysterious” in Latin.

What is Major Arcana Cards?

They are known as the Trump Cards (Twenty-Two) because they give information and guidance on the seekers inner life and psychological mind thus indicating a significant event on decision.

What is Minor Arcana Cards?

There are fifty-six Minor Arcana Cards such as sticks, Glasses, weapons and coins known as four suits. If Minor cards are more than major, then your destiny is in your hands.

Where to keep the Cards?

You should wrap them in a silk cloth preferably having rich colour such as Orange, Red, Purple, Royal Blue etc. The cards should be stored in a wooden box.

Where to read the Tarot?

A calm and peace place without any noise would be an ideal place also burn an incense stick or light a candle in order to remove the negative vibration. The ideal position is that the reader should sit in North and the querent is south. You should also have a special tailor made cloth to lay on the table while spreading. We have specially designed a Celtic Cross Spread in exclusive satin material.

How to read the Tarot Cards?

First the Tarot Reader should shuffle the Tarot Cards and then ask the Querent to shuffle. Secondly ask the Querant to lay the entire pack on the table. Thirdly the Quenrent should make three piles with his left hand towards his left. Having done this, the Querent should re-assemble. Now finally the Tarot Reader picks up the cards and places on the spread. These cards would either be upright or reversed. The Tarot cards has a choice to read as it is or read all the cards as upright even if they appear reverse.

How to open the Tarot Cards?

After laying out the Cards on the spread, the Tarot Reader should turn from side to side as if turning the page of a book.

How to give a reply to a Querant’s Question which pertains to Yes or NO?

The Yes/No spread is as below First Reader shuffles a deck having 40% to 50% with reversed Cards and then the Querent shuffles too. The reader then deals out seven cards 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. The middle card is 4 which possess two points and the other 6 cards have one point each. If the majority cards are upright, then the answer is yes and in case the majority cards are reverse then the answer is No. If the total points for Yes or No are equals, then the cards are refusing to give a definite answer. It is wrong to give a reply to the Querent as 50-50%

How to ascertain the Timings to a Querent’s Question?

The simple method of answering the timing questions is to pull cards until the Tarot Reader arrives any of the ace cards. Now count the number of cards which were turned over before getting the ace- cards. Depending upon the question, take a decision whether they represent days, weeks , months or year. The Reader may consider the help of suits which corresponds to a different measurement of time:
Stick – Weeks Coins - Year
Glasses – Days Weapons – Month

Which direction would be favourable to the Querent?

Shuffle The cards and then ask the Querent to shuffle. The Reader should pick up the first one card from the top and then consider the direction as follows:
Any stick represent - The East
Any Glasses represent - The South
Any Coins represent - The West
Any Weapons represent - The North
Any Major Arcana represent - The Centre

What should be the time period and for whom should we read?

The reading should be for 3 months, 6,9 and so on but not more than 12 months. Tarot reading is meant for the people who are above 12 years. No one should undertake to read his own cars, except as an exercise in layout and purely as an experiment.

How accurate is Tarot prediction?

The beauty of the Tarot is the visual form in which the depiction is quite clear. The accuracy is almost 100% provided the Qerant has 100% faith and the Tarot reader has to be pure i.e. satvic. A word of caution is that; don’t repeat again for the querent even if there is an insistence because your have no rigfht to play with this divine science. Even if you do so, the cards may appear different but the reading and interpretation will be the same.

Can we rely on Yogic tarot Deck?

Certainly yes, the principles of Tarot are much the same no matter what that you use. Infact our Tarot cards have colourful manual with the meaning of the Tarot Card in Viro Pocket book.

What is the meaning of upright and reversed cards?

The cards considered by the reader are upright if the image on them appears straight and when they appear upside down ,then they are reversed cards. The reversed cards wholly negative , or opposite of upright meaning .Frankly we suggest to ignore the reverse and prefer to read the cards as upright, regardless as to how they appear in spread , because there are already sufficient negative cards to deal with.

Can we take Tarot as a profession?

Yes, you can certainly be a professional ,after thorough practice .Don’t predict extreme negativeness such as Death, serious illness or any disastrous situations. Always keep 8% of your profession fees for good cause such as feeding to cows and fishes .Charity for old age or handicapped people . This will help you to increase your intuition power.

Many Tarot Teachers talk about different level i.e Level 1, 2 ,3 or Basic and advance what exactly is this?

There is no such thing like any level. Tell me, Do you have any levels while learning Swimming or Driving Car. If no then why so in learning Tarot Cards ? The answer is very simple, because you will pay hefty fees to the teacher, when you can learn in just 3 hour Infact we have taught 1000’s of students on one to one basis in just one day.

Is it true that Tarot Cards have Life?

Yes, Certainly, Tarot Cards can speak to you just as your Spiritual deity. It is a living entity. Tarot is like a well of wisdom, and one should dip into it sparingly. Therefore avoid doing a second reading immediately. We tell our students and advise them that the reading should be a minimum four weeks apart. Please see that you don’t strain the cards by any means.

Do the colour play a vital role in TAROT?

Yes! In Tarot the colour expresses hidden symbolic meaning. Brief meaning of colour are as follows: The colour of the blood is red and red represents Mystical teachings and we can see the Trickster with red colour.
Orange : It represent Health and vitality. In the courageous card, the women pampers an orange lion.
Yellow : Represents illumination, light and generosity like the Joyous Sun. One can see the yellow sunrise in the card.
Green: Represent Fertility, Abundance and also Prosperity. The glimpse of this colour is shown in Nine of Coins.
Gold: Represent glory. Six of Coins card has been exhibited by gold coins.
Blue: Represents Godliness Spiritual qualities And Devotion. You can notice the Leady priest wearing a gown of blue colour, holding a spiritual book.
Pink: This represents Love and Heart.

Can we do free of cost the Tarot reading for our Friends and Relatives?

One should never do it without any charge. Even a token fee or gift in lieu of your charges could be accepted; otherwise the result may not turn up to your Satisfaction.

It is true that Tarot Reader should not be predict serious matters such as Death?

Yes! It is absolutely true. In fact none of the Occult Science Permits to predict like Death.

How come you are different from others?

We have a professional team of people in our Research Centre. In fact, we are First and Only publisher of TAROT CARDS in INDIA.

A free Tarot kit is given to our Student
A : Free Tarot Cards
B : Free Tarot Colourful Manual
C : Free special designed Satin Spread
D : We also issue a certificate and a medal to honour our students.
E : We teach Tarot By a right method. We have an authentication to this effect.
F : Finally we are an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified by American Quality Standards Registration. (USA).

Aim and Objects of Tarot Research Centre – (Shrinathji International Lighting Consultants)

Tarot Research Centre

  1. To sincerely worship your Isht Dev or chosen God of yours.
  2. To respect all the Religions
  3. To help Mankind irrespective of any cast or creed.
  4. To love all being’s & bring joy in entire universe.
  5. To expand spiritual awareness in right direction.
  6. To develop our unrealised potentials.
  7. To reveal the correct and scientific principle of Tarot.
  8. To achieve the great power of unconscious mind.
  9. To understand the cosmic energy by flow & creativity move with it, In order to make all things possible
  10. The Tarot should be used as a good inspiring guide.