Tarot - Tips


Useful Tips to become a good:
A : Tarot Reader
B : Tarot Grandmaster
C : Tarotologist

  1. Your thought should be forceful.
  2. Don’t underestimate your power within you.
  3. Day and night, ie.24X7 ,your thought to become perfect in Tarot should continue.
  4. Don’t have any doubt of not achieving .Not even point one percent. Be positive; and have a craving desire.
  5. Make sure that you give a positive command to your thought before you sleep at night.
  6. The thought must have passion with well focused attitude.
  7. Your awareness to be one should not be shaky. Be firm physically and mentally.
  8. Don’t allow your negative thoughts to be in your mind. Throw them out immediately before they outcast your positive thoughts.
  9. After having done the exercise of throwing away the negative thoughts then you will now clear your path to achieve your dream. This will be a turning point in your life.
  10. Now! What are your feelings? Are they the same way as your positive thoughts .If yes then you have won half the battle.
  11. Don’t lack faith and doubt of your end goal; because if you do so then you will miss the bus.
  12. After having passed this process of 100% faith, then you have achieved your want.Physically and mentally it may take some time but virtually you have already received your demand.
  13. Thank the nature or your God for your requirement ; and it will certainly be yours this is guaranteed but, ofcourse you should feel the pinch of owning happily then no power on earth can stop you. So be grateful and whole-heartdly love the Supreme power of Nature.
  14. Nothing in this world is impossible. You have potential achieving infinite but you have tendency of CHALTA HAI
  15. Your visualization should be so strong that you have really achieved the thing that you wanted it.
  16. Everytime feel happy and joyous. Throw away your negative thoughts and frustration in your dust-bin. always think good for others.
  17. It is a strong rule of the nature that the more you give, the more you get.Thus feel that you have in abundance. Forget your past and don’t cry over the spilt milk.
  18. Declare to the world that you are going to achieve your wants very shortly. Infact it is just on the way. seriously think and surprisingly you will find it at your doorstep .You yourself is the creator of your own destiny. You have to create your own life.
  19. Always be in a state of Joy, happiness ,free mind with loving nature. Laugh as much as you can so that all these will add fuel to achieve whatever you wish ,be a master in Tarot , or own BMW , or luxury Villa or be a billionaire.
  20. Finally people around you should feel that you are MAD—which really means “Making a Difference” then others.

Then ,watch what happens! Things will start popping out of nowhere.
You will start receiving more love or fun ,or respect or success or anything else result have been 100% positive. So far none have failed because the Cosmic Energy is waiting for you.

Hence don’t postpone because opportunity only Knocks once.If you grab its yours!

Our President of Tarot Research Centre ---SUBHASH KAPADIA has shared these tips with various Querents and students who have come out with flying colours after vigorously applying them.

The intention of SUBHASH KAPADIA in creating Tarot Research Centre is just not commercial. Infact It was and still is – in bringing joy to thousands of Cows by feeding them the almond cakes in Salor at shrinathji.His entire Tarot Reading fees is for this pious cause.

He also teaches Tarot to School going students , free of cost so that they do not fall in wrong track of the key principles and Rules of Tarot.

Let us all praise the Tarot Goddess( TAROT DEVI) and seek her blessing for us and the entire Universe.