What is Vaastu?

Vaastu is a dwelling science. It aligns the places where we live and work with Cosmos energy which bestows excellent health, wealth and prosperity. Vaastu comprises of the five elements i.e. earth, water, space, fire and air.

Vaastu is rooted in vedic philosophy which is as old as 5,000 years.The principle of Vaastu are applicable to all the countries,climate or hemisphere,Similarly it applies to all castes,religions and communities.

East is the direction of Sun rise i.e. a new beginning, West is the direction of Sun-set i.e. the ending and darkness,the North is the direction of the Pole-Star which is the fixed point in the sky indicating stability and security and finally the south which represents the past and dead.

Then What is Tarot-Vaastu?

Generally the principles of Vaastu like the Directions are common for all but there are certain category of directions which depend upon the person to person and hence Tarot comes into the picture. Further Tarot indicates Direction and the correct usage of Yantras and Crystals.

What are Yantras and Crystals?

Yantras have tremendous symbolic value in Indian mythology. Our Yantras specially made by our Craftsman in accordance to the client requirements. They are made in 99% silver and 22 carrots Gold depending upon the type of Yantras because the plastic ones do not generate the required positive energy since plastic is known to be the last category of petroleum product.

Crystals is a living entity and hence certain Yantras are made out of the finest Crystal by our experts. The main functions of these Yantras are to remove the Vaastu faults without any breakage.All our Yantras after having manually made are energized so that they are highly effecative and efficient.


We have capable Geomancer or our panel board to satisfy the need of our clients who at times prefer to energise their place, either though Vaastu, Feng-Shui or dowsing.

Very exclusive items of Feng-Shui are created by our experts such as Frogs, Tortoise and other articles.